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National Health System Blood and Transplant Department of Health (NHSBT) website

NHSBT is a Special Health Authority in the NHS with responsibility for optimising the supply of blood, organs, and tissues and raising the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of blood and transplant services.

CV of Responsible Person

NHSBT is responsible for:

  • encouraging people to donate organs, blood and tissues
  • optimising the safety and supply of blood, organs and tissues
  • helping to raise the quality, effectiveness and clinical outcomes of blood and transplant services
  • providing expert advice to other NHS organisations, the Department of Health and devolved administrations
  • providing advice and support to health services in other countries
  • commissioning and conducting research and development
  • implementing relevant EU statutory frameworks and guidance

H-1113 Budapest, Karolina Ășt 19-21.
Phone: +36 1 391 4570
Fax: +36 1 391 4572