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National Transplant Organization (NTO) website

NTO was created by Ministry of Health Slovak republic on 1.1.2013. NTO was transformed from previous Slovak center for organ transplantation at Slovak Medical University in Bratislava.

NTO consists of coordination department, department of HLA serology and department of HLA DNA analysis.

CV of Responsible Person

The main task of NTO is national coordination of transplantation program for organs, tissues and cells.

NTO is administrating National transplant registry, which includes waiting lists for organ recipients, donor registry – organ and tissues, data of performed transplantations and the registry of persons who rejected the donation of organs and tissues after death (negative registry). Organization is administrator of Transplant Information System Slovakia (TISS) which is accessible to all authorized persons in transplant program. NTO is working on nonstop basis.

The part of NTO is National reference laboratory for HLA antigens. In research area we are working on role of non classical HLA antigens in transplantation and ischemia reperfusion injury of liver on rat ex vivo model.

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