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National Transplant Bureau (NTB) website

The Lithuanian National Bureau on Transplantation (NTB) was established in 1996. In accordance with his power NTB coordinates, controls and analyzes the preparation of donors, tissue, cells and organ procurement, testing, preservation, storage, transportation, distribution and selection of the recipients. NTB forms a positive public attitude about organ donation and transplantation, too. In order to disseminate information to the public, NTB collaborates with patient‘s organizations.

CV of Responsible Person

In the year of 2000 NTB established the national Register of Donors and Recipients for Human Organs, Tissues and Cells. This register is used for maintaining records of people who have stated acceptance or refusal to donate their organs and/or tissues after their death. The register is also used to maintain the database of recipients, potential and effective donors. A special personal Donor Card is also created, to be carried by people as reference to their listing in the register.

In Lithuania are two transplant centers. Heart, livers, kidneys, lungs, corneas are transplanted from deceased donors. One kidney can be tranplanted from living donor.

Bureau participated in international projects: ETPOD, MODE, COORENOR. At the moment we take part in ACCORD.

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