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Bulgarian Executive Agency for Transplantation (BEAT) website

Bulgarian Executive Agency for Transplantation is the competent authority for management, coordination and control of transplantation of organs tissues and cells in Bulgaria. The Executive Agency’s activity, structure and work organization are determined by a Regulation adopted by the Council of Ministers upon the proposal of the Bulgarian Minister of Health.

CV of Responsible Person

The Agency's mission is to develop and maintain a national transplantation system, consistent with the best medical standards and to ensure the equal access of every Bulgarian citizen to this system in accordance with all legal and ethical standards.

The Agency’s strategic goals are:

  • Development and implementation of a multimodule integrated information system of organs’ tissues’ and cells’ transplantation
  • Implementation of communication activities in support of organ donation
  • Training of the donation coordinators in order to improve the organization of activities for transplantation and of the assisted reproductive activity of tissues
  • Development of Guidelines for the preparation, implementation and validation of Standard Operating Procedures by which the Agency will regulate the hospitals’ and medical centers’ activities in organs’, tissues’ and cells’ transplantation.

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