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Kordinacni Stredisko Transplantaci (KST) website

KST by was established in 2003 on the basis of the Transplantation as an organizational unit of the state, its founder is the Czech Ministry of Health. The seat of KST is at Ruska St. 85, Prague 10.
The main tasks of KST involve coordinating activities of transplantation centers teams, administering specialized national transplantation registries, choosing the most suitable recipients for organs retrieved, coordinating international colaboration in transplantations, as well as other tasks directed by the Ministry.
CV of Responsible Person

KST has been substantially focussed on quality from the very beginning of its existence. Having met the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001 KST gained an international certificate of quality management. With regards to the fact that the main activity of KST is based on work with personal data of patients, donors and recipients of transplanted organs, KST has also been certified for ISO 27001 international standard fdor information safety management. Gaining these two prestigious international certificates KST has manifested not only the meeting of the highest demands of quality and data protection in its work but also its capability to assist in application of these quality systems in other medical facilities.

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