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Eurotransplant International Foundation is a non-profit service organization for a patient-oriented allocation of donor organs in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Slovenia. This international collaborative framework includes all transplant hospitals, tissue-typing laboratories and hospitals where organ donations take place. The mission statement and goals of Eurotransplant express its main target: to ensure an optimal use of available donor organs. The allocation system is based upon medical and ethical criteria. Through conducting and facilitating scientific research, Eurotransplant aims at a constant improvement of transplant outcomes."

CV Axel Rahmel

Dr. med. Axel Oswald Rahmel was born 1962 in Uslar, Germany. After finishing his medical studies at the University of Göttingen, he worked as Research Fellow at the German Max Planck Institute for Experimental Medicine. In 1992 he started his internal medicine training as a resident at Münster University Hospital in the Department of Cardiology and Angiology, focusing on all aspects of organ transplantation. From 1997 to 2005 he was responsible for the heart failure and heart transplantation program at the University of Leipzig - Heart Center. During this time he was closely involved in the development and adaptation of thoracic allocation rules as Secretary of the respective advisory committee of the German Transplant Society. In addition he was part of the advisory group for setting up and maintaining the German quality system for thoracic organ transplantation. Since October 2005 Axel Rahmel is Medical Director of Eurotransplant International Foundation.

WP4 is aimed to stimulate the exchange of organs between countries in order to increase the number of available organs in line with the Directive 2010/53/EU. The definition of guidelines for cooperation in the field of organ exchanges between EU countries would stimulate this practice and meet the needs of a larger number of EU patients waiting for a transplant.

The Specific objective releted to Wp4 are:

  • Reduction of logistical and organizational issues arising in cross-border organ exchange
  • Identification of financial pathways for coverage of cross border organ exchange in different EU countries;
  • Increase the number of bilateral/multilatera agreements for cross border organ exchange

The work will be carried out in four different tasks:

  • Stage 1. Describe the current practice regarding the handling of surplus organs existing across Europe
  • Stage 2. Identify obstacles and barriers that hinder the trans-border exchange of these organs (legal, logistical, financial)
  • Stage 3. Inventory of current bi-multilateral agreements between Member States and/or EOEOs.

After the first analys Eurotransplant will prepare:

  1. Reccomandations for overcoming identified obstacles for international organ exchange;
  2. Reccomendations regarding standards for International Organ Exchange bi-multilateral agreement

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