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JOINT ACTION 2012 "Facilitating collaboration on organ donation between national authorities in the European Union"

EOM – Hellenic Transplant Organization WP Leader – “Evaluation”

Hellenic Transplant Organization (EOM) is a body supervised and funded by the Greek Ministry of Health. EOM was funded in 1999 and has been recently (June 2011) reinforced by a new law on organ donation and transplantation (law 3984/2011). 53/2010.

CV of Responsible Person

The core competence of EOM is to promote, raise, coordinate and control organs and cells donation and transplantation. EOM consults the Ministry of Health to legislate over donation and transplantation issues. Also EOM embodies the national central coordination department and is responsible for the national and supra-national coordination and allocation of organs, cooperating directly with the ICUs and the Transplant Clinics and the Transplant Organizations and Transplant Centers of European Countries. EOM is yearly assessing the function and the outcomes of the Greek Transplant Centers and Transplant Coordinators and is publishing relevant reports.

The new law 3984, fully adopts the EU Directive. The harmonization with the 2010/53/EU Directive has set the Greek Transplantation System on a new basis and issues like organ exchange, traceability, quality and safety assurance, transports, graft and donor characterization, adverse events management, organ exchange, international agreements etc. are first priorities as well as the raise of the donation rates.

Georgia Menoudakou, Responsible of EOM Transplant Coordination Dpt. - Psychologist, M.B.A., Qualified Transplant Coordinator , participated in managing ETPOD and Eurodonor Programme. Experience in setting up and management of the ICU transplant coordinators network, in healthcare professionals education (served as a TPM tutor in Barcelona and in Athens), in creating and performing organ donation campaigns (served as EOM’s communication manager).

Efthalia Nikolaou, EOM Directive Manager, Qualified Transplant Coordinator, Nurse, participated in managing ETPOD. Experience in data management, directive and legal issues management. Has worked also as a nursing tutor in Athens Technological Institute. Has an Msc in Health Services Management.

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