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Prof. Roman Danielewicz M.D., Ph.D.

Graduated from Medical University of Warsaw in 1985. Since then employed in the Department of General and Transplantation Surgery, Medical University of Warsaw, Poland (last post Associate Professor). Specialized in General Surgery (1995 - II degree), Clinical Transplantation (2003) and Public Health (2004). M.D. thesis defended in 1992 and Ph.D. thesis defended in 2000. Professor title – 2010. Since 1992 two years of employment as Research Associate in Laboratory of Organ Preservation, Department of Surgery, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA (postdoctoral research fellowship). Since 1998 two years surgical training in United Kingdom under sponsorship of The Royal College of Surgeons of in scope of the Overseas Doctors Training Scheme.

Main area of clinical interest - general surgery as well as transplantation surgery (kidneys, pancreas and liver). Main interests in area of research are organ transplantation and organ preservation for transplantation. Currently involved in work concerning organ donation and procurement (organization, coordination, competent authority) on the country level. Author and co-author of over 40 original papers published in Polish and international scientific journals as well as other publications (over 60 congress abstracts). Impact Factor 35.442 from publications, Impact Factor from abstracts 80.297. Over 171 citations. Member of Editorial Board of Annals of Transplantation. Member of the Association of Polish Surgeons, the Polish Transplantation Society, the European Society for Organ Transplantation and Polish Union of Transplantation Medicine.

From 2002 till 2011 employed as Director of the Department of Science and Higher Education in Ministry of Health. The main responsibilities of the Department were all legislative and organizational activities concerning undergraduate and postgraduate training of doctors, dentists, nurses, midwifes, pharmacists as well as other medical professionals. Department is involved in coordination of medical research conducted by Medical Universities and Research Institutes which are co-financed from state budget. Department has also regulatory activities concerning recognition of medical qualification for Polish professionals as well as for EU citizens seeking recognition of their qualifications in Poland in the scope of European law (competent authority).

Since April 2011 Director of Polish Transplant Coordination Centre Poltransplant which is competent authority in terms of EU transplant regulation and serves as coordination office for all organ transplant activities as well as handles Polish Central Register of Potential Unrelated Bone Marrow Donors and Cord Blood.

Prof. Roman Danielewicz MD., PhD.
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