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Personal Data

First Name: Vassiliki
Family name: Gkioka

Address: 31 Kleomenous str, Kolonaki, 10676, Athens, Greece

Phone number: 0030 210 7234221
Mobile phone: 0030 6945 903594

E-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Date of birth: 22/07/1975
Place of birth: Athens
Nationality: Greek
Marital status: married

Secondary Education

Certificate of Unified Multidisciplinary Lyceum of Ampelokipi, GPA: 19 (out of 20), “EXCELLENT”

Higher Education

Bachelor in Business Administration institution: Technological Educational Institute of Athens (TEI), Faculty of Management and Economics, GPA: 6.16 (out of 10), “GOOD”
Graduate Thesis Subject: “Total Quality Management on the Organ Transplantation”, grade: 8 (out of 10), “EXCELLENT”
Supervisor: Dr. V. Kefis

Postgraduate Qualification

  1. Master’s Degree: “Quality Cord Blood Management Program”
    description: document control, test results and filling, audit trail and tracking, registration of cord blood units on registries, management of issue of cord blood units for transplant
    institution: London Cord Blood Bank, National Blood Service, London
    academic year: 2003
  2. Master’s Degree: “Molecular Medicine and Immunology, from Basic Research to Clinical Application”,
    institution: Biomedical Research Foundation Academy of Athens
    academic year: 2003-2004
  3. Master in Science “Health Management”
    institution: Piraeus University and TEI of Piraeus
    academic period: 2005-2009
    GPA: 8.5 (out of 10), “EXCELLENT”
    Graduate Thesis subject: “Investigating consensus factors of the cord blood donation”, grade: 9.3 (out of 10), “EXCELLENT”
    Supervisor: Dr. N. Polyzos
  4. Certificate of Attendance: “EBMT Data Management Group”
    description: training course for data entry and data retrieval (columnar reports, descriptive reports, Cross tabulation) for ProMISe (Project Manager Internet Server)
    institution: EBMT (European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation)
    academic year/period: 2012

Language Skills

Greek: Native tongue
English: Proficiency level (TOEIC score 810)
French: intermediate level (Universitė de France - Comte- Besançon, Certíficat de Stage)

Computer Literacy

  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS Power Point
  • Internet, Pub med and other database search programs

Participation in Research Programs

  1. Research Program “Archemedes”
    subject: “Investigating the quality of life of patients as a measure and assessment tool of the health services quality of the Healthcare Management and Welfare department in the context of Operational Programme for Education and Initial Vocational Training (O.P. "Education" – ΕΠΕΑΕΚ2)
    research institute: Τechnological Educational Institute of Athens, department of Health and Welfare Management
    position: co-researcher
  2. Hellenic Democracy, Central Board of Health, Oncology Commission
    subject: “Investigating consensus factors for the cord blood donation”
    research institute: Biomedical Research Foundation, Academy of Athens
    position: principal investigator
  3. Center of basic research II
    Subject: “Bio-bank for children’s diseases”
    research institute: Biomedical Research Foundation, Academy of Athens
    position: researcher
  4. National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) 2007 -2013
    subject: European program “Network Development of Cord Blood Collection Centers and quality assurance in the Greek Cord Blood Bank with the development of an accreditation system in line with the standards of FACT- NETCORD”
    research institute: Biomedical Research Foundation, Academy of Athens
    position: principal investigator
  5. Hellenic Transplant Organization
    Join Action “FOEDUS” (Facilitating collaboration on organ donation between national
    authorities in the European Union)
    position: subcontractor

Work Experience

2002 -2006
Assistant Manager, Biomedical Research Foundation, Academy of Athens
responsibilities: management, coordination and quality control of the Hellenic Cord Blood Bank

Assistant Manager, Dialysis Unit of “Aghios Nikolaos” Hospital, Piraeus
responsibilities: document management

Assistant Manager, Hellenic Transplant Organization, Bone Marrow department
responsibilities: management of financial issues concerning the banks of the Bone Marrow Donors worldwide as well as for the processing of insurance liabilities of the patients who are about to be transplanted

current position
1. Data Manager and Cord Blood Transplant Coordinator at the Bone Marrow Unit Dpt. of “EVAGGELISMOS” Hospital, Athens, Greece
2. Organ Transplant Coordinator, Hellenic Transplant Organization

Professional Memberships

since 2010
Member of the Scientific Committee of Panhellenic Federation of Voluntary Blood Donor Associations (POSEA)

Participation in Congresses

  1. Greek Congresses
    1. 13th Hellenic Transplant Congress, Athens, 11-13/12/2003
    2. 1st Panhellenic Congress on Management, Economics and Health Policies, Athens, 17th of December 2005
    3. Umbilical cord blood transplants Today and Tomorrow: functional, social and moral issues”, Athens, 1/9/2008
  2. International Congresses
    1. 18th European and Histocompatibility Conference, Sofia, 8-11/5/2004.
    2. Cord Blood Conference (subject: “Cord Blood Transplantation: Current Issues”), Athens, 21-6-2004
    3. 18th WMDA (World Marrow Donor Association) and NMDP (National Marrow Donor Program) council meeting, Minneapolis 5-9/11/2007
    4. 7th International Donor Registry Conference, Bern 16-19/04/0

Conference Papers & Abstracts

  1. “Recovery of cord blood derived stem cells using an automated closed system for volume reduction of cord blood units.”
    18th European and Histocompatibility Conference, 8-11/5/2004, Abstract Book, p:45.
  2. “The Hellenic cord blood bank: Development of a new Strategy for cord blood banking in order to encourage the cotransplantion of volume reduced double cord blood subunits derived from the same high volume cord blood donor”
    Papassavas AC, Chatzistamatiou T, Gioka V, Anagnostakis I, Gecka G, Paterakis G and Stavropoulos-Giokas C
    EBMT Prague, 2005
  3. “Development of the first Hellenic cord blood bank”
    Papassavas AC, Gioka V, Chatzistamatiou T, Kokkinos T, Anagnostakis I, Gecka G, Paterakis G, Spyropoulou-Vlachou M, Koutsoukou A, Sideras P, Stavropoulou-Gioka A
    Panhellenic Hematology Congress, Thessaloniki 2005
  4. “New strategy development of cord blood cryopreservation for the promotion/advancement of cord blood transplantation to adults”
    Papassavas A, Gioka V, Kokkinos T, Chatzistamatiou T, Anagnostakis I, Gecka G, Paterakis G, Stavropoulou-Gioka A
    Panhellenic Hematology Congress, Thessaloniki 2005
  5. “Volume reduction and refrigeration of two cord blood subunits which come from the same, main unit encourages the transplantation to adults with hematologic abnormalities.
    Papassavas A, Gioka V, Chatzistamatiou T, Kokkinos T, Anagnostakis I, Gecka G, Paterakis G, Stavropoulou-Gioka A
    Panhellenic Hematology Congress, Thessaloniki 2005


  • “Stem cells Donation”, 4th PanCretan Forum for the Voluntary Blood and Organ Donation, Herakleion 24/4/2009
  • “Collection of cord blood”, Municipality of Halandri, Athens 25/5/2009
  • “Strategic planning of promoting the idea of cord blood donation” POSEA Congress, 22-25/5/2009
  • “Cord blood donation”, Akrata’sBlood Donors’ Association, 16/10/2010
  • “Cord Blood Donation”, Halandritsa’sBlood Donors’ Association
  • “Cord Blood Donation”, Hellenic Society of Haematology, 4/6/2011

Teaching Experience

2002- 2006
Instructor in 2 educational programs of the Hellenic Cord Blood Bank:
Program 1: “Informing the Donors about the Cord Blood Donation”
Program 2: “Cord Blood Collection”
General – Maternity District Hospital “Helena Venizelou”

2008 - today
Informing parents about the Cord Blood Donation combined with the completion of questionnaire in the context of the Research Project: “Investigation of consensus factors for the Cord Blood Donation”

Publications (Journal Articles & Book Chapters)

  1. A strategy of increasing the cell recovery in high volume cord blood units after   
    volume reduction could encourage the sequential transplantation adults.
    Andreas C Papassavas, Vassiliki Gioka, Theofani Chatzistamatiou, Thiseas
    Kokkinos, Ioannis Anoagnostakis, Georgia Gecka, Ioannis Redoukas, Giorgos
    Paterakis, Catherine Stavropoulos – Giokas. Clinical and Laboratory Hematology
  2. Quality of life and health care quality after renal transplantation
    SarrisM, GoulaA, GiokaV, Soulis S, Mednet archives, 2008, 25(2):201-208
  3. Participation in the book: “Patients’ quality of life as a standard/parameter/criterion  - assessment tool of health care services.”
    Field of study: Investigating the quality of life of transplanted patients and configuration of Assessment Tools of the related to health quality of life.
    Sarris M (scientific director), Soulis S (lead researcher), Goula A (co-researcher), Germenis A, Stavropoulou A, Miaoulis G, Natsis H, Gioka V et al.
    Editing: Sarris M, Goula A
    Papazisi Publishers
    Athens, 2006

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