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Candide Font-Sala, PhD, physiopathologist, working at the Medical and Scientific Department of the Agency of biomedicine, is the WP5 leader and has notably the responsibility of the overall management and of Deliverable drafting. Strong of previous experiences on the top of having already led other WPs in projects co-funded by the EC under the Health programme (POSEIDON/COORENOR/ACCORD), it is clear that reaching WP goals and designing such best practices is above all a team work and relies not only on multiple expertises but also on strong a synergy.

Therefore this work will be the result of a close collaboration with Olivier Huot, MD, head of the organ allocation platform, patients’ waiting lists and of the Non-Donor registry. Overseeing expert operating on duty 24/7 for issues, providing final validation for allocation, ensuring application, transparency, and improvements of allocation rules;
Together with Géraldine Malaquin, in charge of the donors’ files of the allocation platform, providing expertise for the registration of difficult patients (including paediatrics) on the waiting list, being the direct contact with European transplant teams, dealing daily with issues, and ensuring the allocation procedure;


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