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Mr.Alessandro Nanni Costa, M.D.

Born in Bologna on August the 21st 1954

In 1979 he got a degree in Medicine at Bologna University, and got later masters in Nephrology and Immunology.

He has been working in the transplantation field since 1980.

He has been working in the field of research on organ transplantation and is the author of about 200 papers.

He has attended some stages both in Immunogenetic field and in the field of transplant activities.

From 1980 to 1996 he worked at Sant’ Orsola Hospital in Bologna.

Since 1985 he has been in charge of the main educational programmes for transplant co-ordinators in Italy.

From 1997 to 1999 he has been Regional Coordinator of donations for Emilia-Romagna and general manager of the Hospital Service at the Health Regional Department of that same region.

In February 2000, he was appointed as general director of the Italian National Transplant Centre (CNT).

Professional and Research Activities (At CNT)

  • Medical Direction of the Italian National Organization of Transplants (this office includes responsibility of quality and safety of programs of organ transplantation, tissue and cells transplantation, tissue and cell banking, assisted reproductive technologies, education for donation and transplantation, public information for transplantation, transplant IT system) from 1999;
  • Member of Second Opinion expert group for final decision-making on organ allocation of expanded criteria donors;
  • National coordinator of auditing program of transplant centres (kidney, liver, heart, lung)
  • Coordinator of several international EU-funded projects, Joint Actions and bid for tenders on organ and tissue donation and transplantation issues (EURODONOR, EUROCET, EUSTITE, COORENOR, MODE JA, SOHOV&S, EUROCET128, FOEDUS JA);
  • Member of Committee of Experts on Social and Health Communication of Italian Health Ministry;
  • Working unit responsible for EU-funded projects on donation and transplantation issues (COCOON, ALLIANCE O, SANCO, DOPKI, ETPOD, EFRETOS, EULID, EuroGTPs, ACCORD);
  • Coordinator or research unit responsible for many national research projects on donation and transplantation issues funded by the Italian Ministry of Health;
  • National expert for the EU Directive 2004/23 on the use of Tissues and cells of human origins and Directive 2010/53 on quality and safety of human organs for transplantation;
  • Member of the Committee of Experts on the Organizational Aspects of Co-operation in Organ Transplantation of the Council of Europe as Italian representative from 2000;
  • National expert in public health group at the European Union from 2002;
  • Chief Editor of Organ and Tissue, International Journal dedicated to Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation published since 1997;
  • Chairman of EU Expert meeting on Safety and Quality in Organ Donation and Transplantation, Venice,17-18 September 2003;
  • Responsible for Italy of TPM programmes from 1996;
  • Chairman of national and international Course of transplant coordinator education in cooperation with University of Barcelona and University of San Marino;
  • Author of 234 national and international Publication and of 15 monographs on organ and tissue donation and transplantation;
  • Chairman of the European Committee (Partial Agreement) on organ transplantation (CD-P-TO).
  • President of the South Alliance for Transplant (SAT)

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