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Project Organization

The organisation of FOEDUS requires a combination of working methods distributed among two types of Work Packages (WPs), horizontal and core WPs. Each one of the WPs will be coordinated by one of the Associated Partners.
The main objective of the WPs is described below:

Horizontal Work Packages:

Coordination of the Project: Actions undertaken to manage the joint action and to make sure that it is implemented as planned. (WP Leader: CNT, Italy)

Dissemination of the Project: Actions undertaken to ensure that the results and deliverables of the joint action will be made available to the target groups. (WP Leader: OVSz, Hungary) 

Evaluation of the Project:  Actions undertaken to verify if the joint action is being implemented as planned and reaches the objectives. (WP Leader: EOM, Greece)

Core Work Packages:

Definition of guidelines for cooperation in cross-border organ exchanges and analysis of barriers/obstacles:  Overview/analysis of contents of existing bilateral and multilateral agreements between national or international organizations aimed at cross-border organ exchanges. The main output will be the definition of guidelines on basic principles for such exchanges and recommendation to overcome hurdles. (WP Leader: ETI, International Foundation)

Consensus on donor medical information recommended for international organ exchanges:  Consensus on organ specific forms to be used for international cross-border exchanges and on a guideline for items that were recommended to adopt for donor evaluation. Based on experience, these medical advices will provide specific support and foster exchanges through harmonization of practices. (WP Leader: ABM, France)

Upgrading IT Platform for International Exchange of Organs for Transplantation:  This WP will consolidate and test the IT platform that will be a pivotal tool for managing cross border exchanges. A pilot test of at least one common program will be performed to check feasibility and compliance by all European Organ Exchange Organizations. WP Leader: KST, Czech Republic)

Communication and public awareness:  The aim of WP 7 is developing a specific approach in communication to inform public about cross border organ exchange when trying to increase public awareness on organ donation at the same time. The final output is guidelines on "how to communicate about organ donation and crossborder exchanges. WP Leaders: Slovenija Transplant, Slovenia and DSO, Germany)

Coordination (CNT, Italy)

Dissemination (OVSz, Hungary)

Evaulation (EOM, Greece)

Guidelines for cooperation in cross-border organ exchanges

Guidelines  for  donor  evaulation

Upgrading  IT  Platform

Communication  and  public  awareness

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