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WP Leaders: Slovenija Transplant (ST), Slovenia and Deutsche Stiftung Organtransplantation (DSO), Germany


The aim of WP 7, co-led by ST and DSO on equal basis, is to develop a specific approach in communication about organ donation to general public with special focus on cross border organ exchange. Final target group is general public, yet specific target groups will also be identified to use them as info multiplicators.


1. Studies/campaigns with previous efficient communication and positive experience(European Donation Day, workshop for journalists) will be analyzed (ST).

2. DSO will analyze negative communication and survey inside the consortium for good/bad experience with gen pub.

3. Workshop with communication experts (ST).

4. Several types of messages proven to be necessary when communicating with general public (brain death, general aspects of organ donation, possibilities of declaration) will be developed (ST). Messages will be transferred to test their effectiveness in reaching general public with the goal to increase information and trust in organ donation procedures. DSO will perform activity on new media(social networks)+ organize workshop to revise messages with experts.

5. A methodology to find out the effectiveness of taken measures will be developed (ST). Message effectiveness will be tested using appropriate methodology in a valid, objective and reliable study done on a sample of general public of 5 participating countries. Included countries will differ in geographical area, development of transplantation medicine, level and quantity of communication with general public, legislative system and other variables as well as differentiation in communication approach if needed. The dynamic nature of general public, sensitive to different information will be taken into account when interpreting the results.

The final output will be a manual of guidelines on "how to communicate efficiently about organ donation and cross border exchange". Detailed instruction on most effective approaches when communicating with media and general public will be included.

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