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Leader: Hellenic Transplant Organization (EOM), Greece


The Work Package 3 is devoted to the evaluation of the whole project and individually for every activity (procedures, events, meetings, questionnaires etc) takes place during the joint action. The WP3 Leader undertakes actions to verify if the project is being implemented as planned and reaches the objectives.


• action effectiveness

• objectives achievement

• outcomes impact

• Partnership (Planning & management, Composition, Commitment, Co-ordination and leadership, Communication, cooperation between the partners)

• Project process (Objectives, Working methods, Innovation, Dissemination)

• Products (Website, IT platform, Manuals)

• Impact on target groups (General public, Decision makers, International institutions, Media, Scientific societies).

Apart from evaluating all the above, the evaluation Manager should keep track and monitor ALL the activities of the project. For this goal, the following tools are essential:

a. participant tracking forms/sheets (data and objectives of each WP, Milestones achieved, how many and what kind of contacts did we have, any problems or difficulties dealt and what was the solution?)

b. meeting evaluation forms. With these forms we can measure the attendance and participation of each partner. We can also elicit important information and ideas on how to improve some procedures.

c. brief reports would be useful in a short-term basis (every 3 or 6 months) referring to the tracking of the processing of the whole project and share it with the internal stakeholders (associated partners), so that everyone is informed about the progress of the project.


We divided the Evaluation procedure in two categories:

A. Formative evaluation: Performed during the project to improve the work in progress and the likelihood that it will be successful. During the data collection period, the following questions should be answered:
• Have milestones been met on schedule?

• What is holding up progress?

• What should we do to correct this?

• Is project management effective?

• Are stakeholders on board?

• Do they agree with interim findings?

• Is our dissemination effective?

B. Summative evaluation: Performed near the end of the project to provide evidence of achievements and success. When we are ready to write the final evaluation report on quality and impact, the following questions should have been answered:
• Have objectives been met?

• Have outcomes been achieved?

• What are the key findings?

• What impact did the project have?

• What benefits are there for stakeholders?

• Was our approach effective?

• What lessons have we learned?

• What would we do differently?

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