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Leader: Országos Vérellátó Szolgálat (OVSz), Hungary

WP2 is dedicated to the dissemination of the project and external communication, its aim is disseminating all FOEDUS results to the different stakeholders: general public, health care officials, scientific societies, national and international policy makers, European Institution, National/Internation Organ Exchange Organizations.

It will be led by the Hungarian partner but each partner will be responsible for dissemination of the project in their own country, by attending local and national conferences in order to present the project and its results to experts in the field and communicating the findings to the Competent Authority responsible for organ donation and transplantation activities. These national activities will be notified by all partners to the WP leader so that a complete record of national project dissemination activities can be constructed. Dissemination will also be managed internationally, via the website, and attendance by partners at international conferences.
In addition the following joint activities will be carried out:

1. Building up of a dedicated website platform devoted to external communication; under such website a private area (access through userid and password) will grant access to all action documents by associated and collaborating partners;

2. Definition of targeted groups for communication (citizens of the participating countries, international stakeholders such as EOEO,CoE,EC,WHO, transplant professionals, health-care officials, national and European institutions etc.

3. Identification of tools (including wikipages, google sites, shooting videos to be posted on youtube) and strategies for diffusion and the information to a wider audience;

4. Publication of articles;

5. Production and printing of dissemination material, including a layman's brochure at month 2 and a final layman report at month 30;

6. Identification of national/international events where dissemination can take place

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