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Leader: Centro Nazionale Trapianti (CNT), Italy


Workpackage 1 (WP1) deals with the general management of the Joint Action (JA). WP1 is a horizontal, non-technical WP which continues during the whole duration of the Action and contributes to the achievement of overall objectives by supporting technical WPs.

The role of CNT as coordinator of the Action is intended to:

• Coordinate and monitor the activity of all partners involved;

• Control the financial and administrative parts of the projects, managing the action according to the EC rules;

• Prepare and manage the Consortium Agreement between the participants;

• Organize three general meetings;

• Assure a smooth and permanent communication within the consortium and represent it at institutional level (with EAHC, DG SANCO);

• Control the quality and timing of activities (follow-up of work plan, issue reminders for task initiation or completion, ensure deliverables and outputs are delivered on time);

• Organize teleconference with Steering Committee;

• Invite the collaborating partners to the general meetings;

• Define a sustainability plan for the action;

• Editing and forwarding to the Commission formal project reports (interim and final);

• Address the deliverables and reports to the EAHC;

• Manage risks that may arise during the JA lifetime.

• Maintain the project documentation;

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